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The low crude prices and humming refineries have helped the national average price of gasoline fall 17 days in a row, according to AAA. Refinery production has remained high because refiners’ raw material costs are have fallen faster than the price they get for their products. Supplies of gasoline are above where they were at this time last year.. When he was a child, the only time James McBride saw his mother cry was during the Baptist services she attended every Sunday. Perhaps God likes black people better than titanium cup white people, thought James, who had recently begun to notice that his mother with her cheap jerseys light skin, dark curly hair, and odd mannerisms looked and behaved nothing like the mothers of his friends, or anyone else in their predominantly black neighborhood. Perhaps his mother cried because she wished she were black, too, he thought.. The spacious patio at 3 Squares is a major draw, especially if you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail alongside your eggs. But since it’s part of the Blue Plate group, this restaurant also has a certain comfort and familiarity about it, even if you’ve never before ventured into Maple Grove. Breakfast is one of the things 3 Squares does best, including lighter fare like Irish oatmeal and egg white scrambles or rib sticking meatloaf hash and Cajun spiced chicken and waffles to please diners who can’t decide between breakfast and lunch. Shoppers took to Facebook to complain, with many claiming that town centre employees were abusing the car park as a “free park and ride.”But Gateway centre spokeswoman Jo Francis said they would be looking at a range of options to tackle the problem, including encouraging more public transport use.Banbury cheap authentic jerseys resident Peter Jones visited the centre, in Acorn Way, on Wednesday morning to visit the new Primark, but after being unable to find a space he went to Warwick to shop instead.He said: “I’ve been to the centre two or three times and it does seem like a bit of bad timing, just the novelty of the stores opening.”I thought at first that it might be a clever idea to have free car parking so people can use the bus into the centre, but instead it’s going to be very difficult to monitor.”Mr Jones added that despite the parking problems, new shops like the flagship 80,000 sq ft. Marks Spencer store had been very popular with customers.Fellow shopper Guillaume Grall, from Banbury, said: “To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever use Banbury Gateway again.”I’ve been there a couple of times and you can easily see the access and parking haven’t been really thought through.”Also I really don’t understand how moving some stores from Castle Quay or duplicating them will help the town.”The Primark, which sells a range of men’s, women’s and children fashion, joins other shops in the new development including Topshop, EE and Starbucks.There are 587 free parking spaces, with 36 disabled spaces. Bus operator Stagecoach have been offering a free bus service between the centre and Bridge Street, running every thirty minutes on weekdays between 9am and 2.30pm, and 6pm to 8pm.Gateway centre spokeswoman Jo Francis said: “As we launch the new Banbury Gateway Shopping Park with new stores opening each week, we are actively reviewing our car park strategy for the benefit of our retailers and customers.”We are already in discussion with local transport providers to see how we can encourage greater use of public transport and we will also be looking at opportunities such as car sharing and how to maximise the space.”It is understood that, although nothing has been finalised, centre bosses are considering a wealth of options including looking at “traffic flow”, use of public transport and “environmental” schemes.Opening the Primark store was Banbury deputy mayor Gordon Ross, who said that he would be looking into the issue of overcrowding.He said: “I’ve seen the car park myself and when I was there I could see what the problem was.”My children visited me and could not find a car parking space for the new Primark, so they had to cheap custom nfl jerseys find somewhere to park on the estates instead.

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