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Twelve sites are on the tour, all south of the river to encourage biking, walking, bus riding and carpooling. The sites offer a close look at a housing co op, a shared garden built on a city right of way, an urban farmstead, edible gardens, multi family developments, a redeveloped downtown lot, straw bale construction, net zero homes (homes that generate more electricity than they use) and LEED Gold and Platinum ratings. Designers and other experts will be at all the sites to talk about everything from co housing to composting to solar energy to wheelchair access.. In addition to the financing, Albert Cha, a managing partner at Vivo Capital, and Eric Aguiar, a partner at Aisling Capital, have joined Biohaven’s board of directors. Nimish Shah, vice president at Venrock, and Peter Kolchinsky, managing director of RA Capital Management, are joining the board as observers. Kam Shah, chief financial officer of Portage Biotech, had resigned from the board, but will continue as a financial consultant.. New version is 1.7 inches taller than the old one. Goes on sale in the fall. Price hasn’t been released.. Free cash flow is important for highly indebted companies as it allows them to pay down debt, but also a significant number of Japanese companies have net cash wholesale jerseys rather than cheap nhl jerseys net debt on their balance sheets. This has allowed a vast number to embark upon share buy back programs, adding value to companies where share prices have fallen too low. Opportunities appear when share prices get sold off or bought aggressively, but do not adequately reflect the valuations on a historic or peer group comparison.. What We Eat The menu has just about every dish you could associate with an American roadside place. Prices are downright retro (read:cheap). Many dishes are offered by weight, volume or per piece. In business for 10 years now, Walter Menteth Architects have had a relationship with Ujima Housing Co operative supporting housebuilding schemes for the homeless and the disabled. Their building at Gwynne Road in London’s Battersea is inhabited by both healthy and disabled people (either mentally or physically). This unusual task required sensitivity and ‘design smarts’ in order to conjure up decent architecture given the limited funds held by the state budget financed co op (480,000). Bad news first: at the time of publication the Skinny was closed, its website promising only that it would be back and better in approximately four months from when doors closed in September of 2013. Fingers crossed it will re open by the time your birthday rolls around in 2014, because this Lower East cheap china jerseys Side establishment has one of the best, simplest birthday drink specials in the city: bring at least 15 friends and you drink for free as long as you call the Skinny beforehand. The bar long, narrow space the name couch area (there also a mezzanine) is kind of reminiscent of a party bus setup, except here there a bar to dance on.

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